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The Steiner Waldorf Advisory Service (SWAS)

updated 11.9.18

The Fellowship’s advisory service is a collegiate of part-time advisers co-ordinated by Kevin Avison for the Executive of the SWSF. The SWAS office is at the SWSF Stourbridge office. Advisers are experienced colleagues with a wide background of work in Steiner education, covering the full range of pedagogy from early childhood to upper school. SWAS organises and co-ordinates in-service courses (see the Professional Development page) and takes part in meetings with initial Teacher educators. The role of the advisory service continues to evolve and we are developing partnerships with other individuals and groups to increase its range and expertise.  Go to for more information. Click on the following links for other items of interest:

Two entries at may be of interest: a review essay based on Reinventing Schools, Reforming Education (Bangs, MacBeath, Galton) and a summary of findings on the arts and education by an influential US Presidential committee. SWAS objectives are:-

  • To provide members with access to external mentors who can assist colleagues and schools in improving the quality of their work. In principle, advisers work to assist in-house mentors, supplementing peer support and appraisal and providing an outsider’s view of the work.
  • To identify and share good practice between individual colleagues and member organisations and beyond, as appropriate.
  • To provide objective appraisal of the working environment, relationships and structure of a school and to make recommendations relevant to the particular area of the school for which advice has been sought.
  • To undertake and encourage research into the development of Waldorf method, organisation and curriculum in particular.
  • To research the needs for and to facilitate or provide in-service courses and other professional development opportunities.
  • To support and assist quality development measures in schools, including areas such as policies and procedures in evaluation, planning and record keeping, compliance with regulations for school inspection.
  • To advise the Fellowship Council as to the situation of member schools, especially with regard to accreditation.

The SWAS offices in Stourbridge work alongside the financial administration, helping to provide administrative and organisational support for members. We liaise with government inspection providers and offer assistance to groups wishing to start schools. We maintain a bank of policies and procedures used by SWSF schools.

SWSF accreditation and booking advisers[/fusion_title]

SWSF Accreditation Files:- How to become accredited with the SWSF – read policy here/

We are currently updating our Code of Practice, so far the learning support section has been done. see draft COP here see advisory information here see advisory overview here see advisory info here see advisory booking form here