Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of answers to questions that are often asked about Steiner Education. If you have a question that is not answered here then please do contact us.

When do pupils begin formal learning?
Pupils start formal learning, i.e. writing, reading and numeracy in class one at the age of six, the norm in many European countries and an approach supported by a significant body of research. Cognitive skills can be introduced with relative ease if children have first had the opportunity to develop speech, co-ordination and their relationship to themselves, others and the world around them during the pre-school years and in Kindergarten.
How do we know that pupils are making progress?
How do pupils succeed academically?
What is a Main Lesson?
What part do festivals play?
What is eurythmy?
What place does sport have in the curriculum?
What do our schools recommend about television viewing and IT?
Who was Steiner and what is anthroposophy?
Do Steiner's views on race influence the education?
What provision is made for pupils with different learning needs?
How do children adjust when they transfer to one of our schools?
How is the children's behaviour managed?
Do Steiner schools teach religion?
What if a child does not get on with their class teacher? (given that the teacher may be with the child for a number of years.)
How are the schools run?