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Parent and Child Provision

updated 17.2.15

Parent and Child Provision

Many of the UK Steiner schools have groups for parents with young children under 3. There are also some groups organised by parents in places where a Steiner school or kindergarten has not yet been established and these are run from homes, community centres, and church halls or in suitable outdoor spaces. In many areas these groups offer parenting classes and also welcome mothers-to-be, and parents with new babies.

Steiner Inspired Childminders

Children are also cared for by Ofsted registered Childminders who have generally had a full Steiner Waldorf early childhood training and are working with children from baby onwards, often caring for them in small family groups in their own home, sometimes all day.  They are registered with the SWSF as ‘Steiner Inspired’ Childminders. (You will find a list on the list of schools see list here).

Parent and Child Groups / Baby Groups

Parent and Child groups share common principles such as a quiet and beautiful environment in which the child can be nurtured and the parents and carers can share their joys, challenges and find peace in a caring and inspiring space. Traditionally these groups have used a similar routine to that followed by our Kindergartens – free play and craft activity, then tidying away, snack, songs followed by outdoor play and then perhaps a story or simple puppet play. This routine gives the children a sense of security.

Simple equipment and toys made out of natural materials are used.  Wholesome food is provided at snack time, when the table is beautifully laid and all come together to eat. Some Parent and Child groups are run completely out of doors in parks, woods or other natural surroundings.

The Baby Groups are often in places where parents have the time and a quiet suitable space to observe their babies development, movement and first ventures into the wider world of touch and social encounter. These Parent and Child and Baby groups, whether part of a school or not, all offer an excellent introduction to the Steiner approach to parenting and child development and also provide an opportunity for parents to meet and support one another, usually facilitated by an experienced group leader.

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