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///Former scholars from UK Steiner schools
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Does it work? Former scholars from UK Steiner schools.

“Steiner education is a lifetime’s investment, not just a short term deposit. Evidently, it prepares one for all that lies ahead, but also ensures that this magical innocence isn’t blunted by the ravages of the modern world.”
Simon Wells., Best selling author, musicologist and researcher.
“Steiner education has taught me to study for the sake of studying rather than to pass exams; the difference is crucial.”
Dr. Christian Byrnes., Post-doctoral research student (Cosmology), CERNE laboratory, Switzerland.
“Having a Steiner Education taught me how to think for myself, make my own choices and be responsible for my decisions. It gave me the tools to be able to relate to people, be adaptable, creative and sensitive to the needs of others.”
Tara Brockelhurst., BNY Mellon, a leading global asset management and securities company.
“My Steiner school was an environment that nurtured free-thinking, well-rounded, passionate and positive young people.”
Annielle Williams., Holder of the Prime Minister's Award for National Civic Service.
“The most important gift I and my children received from a Steiner education is an abiding and life-long interest in the world and how we can work together with our fellow human beings to improve it.”
Professor Daniel T. Jones., Author, founder and chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy.
“Possibly the most valuable aspect of Steiner education is learning to think independently and question everything from what the media tells us to the very nature of existence.”
Julia Katarina., Mezzo-soprano and teacher, introducing music education into Palestinian West Bank schools.
“It was a combination of Main Lessons with the arts, crafts and movement education at my Steiner school that enabled me to find my vocation. The Main Lessons were rich in stories that indelibly coloured my imagination.”
Kim Alwyn., London Theatre Designer.
“Thank you to ALL the teachers at my Steiner school who gave me the confidence and solid educational foundation to enable me to follow my dreams, and be successful both as a teacher and a writer.”
Winslow Eliot., Novelist.
“I have now returned as a parent to the Steiner school I attended and find myself a part of a socially pioneering community of parents and teachers, giving all they can to an establishment they truly believe in. This has been a very encouraging and humbling experience, and I wish more parents could feel that involved about their children’s education..”
Eloi Cardon., Builder, carpenter, father of two.
“When I applied to my local sixth form college the moment I mentioned I had been to Steiner school they became less interested in my GSCE grades and much more interested in giving me a place! The reputation of my Steiner school and the impression made by ex-Steiner students before me meant that the college was eager for more. They amazed me with their enthusiasm for Steiner students.”
Graciella Woodger-Ray., Student.
“The major thing my Steiner education gave me is an interest in education and a desire to learn. I credit my Steiner education for giving me the confidence in myself to follow a path that entirely suits me and my skills.”
Jessica Hatchett., Yoga teacher, building developer.
“One of the greatest gifts of a Steiner education is a sense of proportion – I work in an industry with a lot of very large egos and a very low ethical standard (not a good combination). I feel privileged to be able to bring another world view into this milieu, and hopefully have some small positive effect. There is no doubt in my mind that a Steiner School education is an advantage, and not a barrier, in the world of ‘conventional’ careers.”
JW., Partner in a successful city securities firm.
“My advice to any parent would be to try and send their child to a Steiner school. It encompasses so much more than the traditional idea of education and gives you the ability to really view the world through your own eyes and ideas.”
Lara Allen-Mepham., Arabist, student at London School of Oriental and African Studies.
“I thank my parents for choosing an education that enabled me to learn not only many academic skills that I need in my work but also the ability to be open minded, respectful, practical and resourceful.”
Michaela Platt., Midwife.
“I believe Steiner students leave education with a sense of competition not with the world but with them selves, they are aware of their own potential and they see the potential of the world and when these meet, the power in that connection is unquestionable.”
Mathew Pike., Transition Town activist.
“One of the reasons I was given a place on a largely academic and theoretical degree course at University was because I had been to a Steiner school. The self belief of a Steiner pupil is not one of ‘groomed for greatness’ or ‘deservedness’ but more an innocent and uncorrupted strong will that can be applied to any chosen career.”
William Whipple., Photographer.
“If I was to sum up in brief what Steiner gave me: it was attitude. I believe this to be the MOST important thing as you take it everywhere with you and it underpins everything you do. The courage to dream big and to follow those dreams with courage passion and integrity.”
Yanto Barker., Professional cyclist.
“My experience of nine years at a Steiner school was to have a significant and positive effect on my life. I arrived at my school an anxious and shy young boy, and left at 19 years old feeling quite confident and no longer anxious – but still rather shy.”
Professor J. Pearce., Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Nottingham University.
“It was art-oriented, that’s for sure. They were very interested in your inner creativity, but at the same time they were instilling a certain amount of discipline to maximise it. And I have, from my Scottish background, a very, very solid work ethic. I’m dedicated to the work, to doing good work and doing things the right way.”
Albert Watson., International fashion photographer.

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