Our ‘Education’ section includes the following information relating to Steiner education. Please follow the links below or on the right to see more detail about each section.

What is Steiner education?

What are the main elements that distinguish a Steiner School, who was Rudolph Steiner and a little bit of the background and history behind the Steiner education.
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Early Years

An overview of the Early Years in Steiner Schools and Kindergartens with a section also on Parent & Child Provision, The Kindling Journal and a helpful Recommended Reading List.
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Lower School

Includes an introduction to the Lower School in a Steiner education setting plus information about the curriculum and each of the Class years 1-8.
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Upper School

Includes an introduction to the Upper School in a Steiner education setting plus information about the curriculum and main lessons.
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A Distinctive Education: Ten Key Points

Creativity, Continuity, Activity, The Individual and Society, Inclusion and Differentiation, The Spoken Word, Age-appropriate, Assessment, Excellence, Context.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page there are a selection of answers to questions that are often asked about Steiner Education such as “What place does sport have in the curriculum?” or “Do Steiner schools teach religion?”.
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Does it work? Alumni and Testimonials

This section offers a range of different approaches to answering the simple question: Does Steiner education work?
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Recommended Reading

In this page is a selection of recommended books that discuss the pedagogical aspects of Steiner Education.
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