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Screen Free Week

Celebrate Screen-Free Week: May 4 – 10 The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship is proud, once again, to officially endorse Screen-Free Week (May 4 – 10), the annual celebration when children, families, schools, and communities around the world unplug from digital entertainment and spend their free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends. We all know that digital entertainment dominates the lives of far too many children, displacing all sorts of beneficial activities. And screen time can be habit-forming. Kids who spend less time with screens eat healthier, do better in school, fall asleep faster, get more exercise, and spend more time with their families. And, screens are the primary way that corporations target children, exposing them to harmful marketing.

The Steiner Waldorf approach has always encouraged the families who attend our schools and kindergartens to go screen free as much as possible, allowing children instead to develop their creativity, imagination and spend more time in play, indoors and out. For everything you’ll need—including event listings and free resources—visit


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