Early Years Press Release

//Early Years Press Release

Early Years Press Release

The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship supports the Save Childhood Movements’ call to the Government put the well-being of the child first in the early years (see below).

Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood education has, for over 90 years, been providing high quality provision for children up to the age of 7 (when they would normally begin formal education in Steiner schools).

Our kindergartens and early childhood centres provide a developmentally appropriate enabling environment with mixed age groups where children can thrive.  Where child initiated play enables social, emotional and physical skills to flourish.  Where communication and empathy are nurtured, along with creativity and imagination, and where the foundation skills of literacy, numeracy, science, awe, wonder and pure joy in life, provide the basis for lifelong learning.  Our children have the time to develop towards a resilient, caring and creative adulthood.

Guided by well trained, qualified and caring adults, we, as an early childhood community, take care of ourselves, each other and the earth’s future well-being.

‘There are three primary virtues which we must develop in the child:  gratitude, love and responsibility.  These three virtues are the foundation on which the whole social life is built’.  Rudolf Steiner.
Janni Nicol ​
To access the joint letter please go to http://www.toomuchtoosoon.org/160414-letter-to-the-political-parties.html
To access a pdf of the manifesto please go to http://www.savechildhood.net/putting-children-first.html www.savechildhood.net

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