Congratulations to The Steiner Academy Hereford on achieving a Gold Sing Up Award!

From your application I could hear that the quality of singing at this school is high, which is a testament to how well singing is embedded into school life. Singing is clearly important to the school and regularly utilised in areas such as teaching the curriculum and celebrating festivals with the broader school community.

The Steiner Academy is obviously very supportive of the pupils and staff singing and leading singing, which is evident in the confidence of the singing and eagerness to share songs with each other. I particularly enjoyed learning about how musical the school is, combining group teaching with bespoke learning in order to meet the needs of individual pupils and provide clear goals and challenge for pupils as they travel through the school.

I would have liked to have heard or seen the lyrics for one of the songs that the pupils had written which you described in your Achieve Form, but it was clear that this was happening and well established in your school

Congratulations again. It was a joy to hear such beautiful a capella singing!

Kind regards,
Sing Up Awards Team
Sing Up, Bloomsbury House, 74-77 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DA