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Press Release 8th February 2008

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship: Statement in Response to Reports from the Cambridge Review and the National Foundation for Educational Research (08-02-2008)The Steiner Waldorf Schools Movement (UK) welcomes the reports that have been published by the Cambridge Primary Review and the NFER concerning the issues of school-starting age, pupil testing and school league tables.Along with others, [...]

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SWSF Statement on Early Years Foundation Stage

The recent media focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that becomes law next September has required the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship to make clear its view of the EYFS, as in the statement below.SWSF statement regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)The SWSF respects the sincerity with which the government has tackled issues [...]

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The Guardian – Letters

Tuesday November 6, 2007The GuardianAlternative perspective It was a delight to read Nikki Schreiber's fair and down-to-earth depiction of Steiner education (Not a Guardian-reading weirdo in sight, October 30). Alas, those of us who work in the Steiner movement are commonly the recipients of all manner of negative projections, often from those who know next [...]

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The Guardian

Not a Guardian-reading weirdo in sightThere are many strange ideas about Steiner schools. One 'normal' parent aims to set the record straight. Nikki Schreiber reports:Tuesday October 30, 2007The Guardian

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Hereford Planning refusal

Unfortunately, the Hereford southern sub committee voted to refuse planning consent for the proposed new buildings for the Hereford Steiner Acadamy on the same grounds as last time - issues around the development not being in keeping with the village setting and traffic/parking issues. An appeal on the first refusal in January has already been [...]

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Birmingham Post Article

The online version of the Birmingham Post has published the following article.School where learning is child's playJun 18 2007By Shahid Naqvi, Education Correspondent"It's been dubbed the "the hippy school", a place where it is said children, not teachers, are in charge and spend all day playing. But the Steiner School in Stourbridge may yet offer [...]

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FAMILY FRIENDLY CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES The concert series is to raise money for the further restoration of St Paul’s Church by the St Pauls Steiner Project which is bringing this heritage building back into use as a life-long learning centre for all the community. The Steiner school which it houses is in the process of [...]

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Wim Moleman

In Memory of Wim Moleman(26th June 1907-1st February 2007)“Hiaigheey!”To be greeted by Wim was an invitation to a world of full of humanity & humour. Many of his British friends referred to him affectionately as “Uncle Wim.” His wisdom, mischievous chuckle, equanimity & profound jollity could fill the space around him, much as a glowing [...]

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Fired Up for Fundraising!

I returned from the Fellowship's Fundraising Conference with Sir Christopher Ball head buzzing with ideas, plans and excitement! I have been truly inspired by the last two days and my efforts on behalf of Brighton Steiner School re-energised, honed and focused. Sir Christopher promised that what he would teach us was simple and easy, and [...]

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Relaunch of SWSF Journal

Living Education is a journal for Steiner Waldorf Schools. It is a more modest form of Steiner Education magazine which itself was the successor to Child and Man. We are limiting its size to three longer items and some short items for the time being. We welcome feedback. The first issue has articles on the [...]

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Family who’ve been at school for 50 years

Family who've been at school for 50 yearsFELIX LOWEWATCHING your child start school for the first time is a special day for any parent.But when little Michael Maclean walks through the school gates on Wednesday it will be a momentous occasion for the entire family.The six-year-old will be the 24th Maclean to attend Rudolf Steiner [...]

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Waldorf volunteers rescued from Lebanon

Waldorf volunteers rescued from LebanonKARLSRUHE (NNA) - Three German volunteers undertaking voluntary service at the Rudolf Steiner School in Beirut and on a social therapy farm in Baalbek were dramatically rescued from war-torn Lebanon earlier this month.According to the Karlsruhe office of the international organisation Friends of Waldorf Education (“Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V.”), [...]

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Teacher Talk

Roxana Bibi, a class teacher at St Paul's Steiner School in London has been interviewed by Emily Elias for the Independent, 08 September 2005Download the article here

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State schools 'could learn from Steiner principles' Polly Curtis, education correspondentThursday June 30, 2005Ministers should consider adopting Steiner school principles of putting pupils' spiritual and social awareness ahead of test results, a government-backed study recommended today.The Steiner schools movement was started by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian educationalist, who a century ago developed a curriculum that [...]

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Learning from Experience Article

Steiner schools: Learning from experienceSteiner school pupils get a stress-free education - they're not even taught to read until they're seven. Now, the Government is set to turn one into an Academy. Hilary Wilce reportsPublished: 07 July 2005 IndependentSteiner schools: Learning from experienceA field in Herefordshire could become the birthplace of one of the most [...]

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Research Project

First comprehensive report on English Steiner schools publishedA unique study, the first comprehensive mapping of Steiner School Education in England, conducted by researchers at the University of the West of England on behalf of the DfES, will be published on 30 June 2005.This wide-ranging study covers leadership, curriculum, teaching style and methods, educational philosophy, the [...]

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