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Exciting opportunities for research into Steiner Education as part of Waldorf 100

Exciting opportunities for research into Steiner Education as part of Waldorf 100   In order to ground Steiner Education even more in the challenging education landscape of today’s Britain we invite expressions of interest to undertake research at PhD or EdD level into these three partly sponsored areas of research: What are the outcomes of [...]

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Media Coverage

You may be aware of media reports concerning a Steiner teacher handbook. The contents quoted are part of a paragraph outlining behaviour to be avoided by all Steiner teachers which has been taken out of context.  In order to prevent any future misinterpretations we are working with the publishers on a new version. Safeguarding pupil’s welfare [...]

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Exams and tests – recent articles in the press

At this time of year there is a great emphasis on testing pupils most obviously with GCSE and A-Level examinations. Kevin Avison, full time member of the SWSF Executive since 1999, has written and had published in 'Education today' magazine and 'Education Magazine' two articles that look at the concept of testing and examinations in [...]

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Laurel Farm Kindergarten Award

Laurel Farm Kindergarten located in Carlingcott, Peaesdown St john has received LEVEL 3 school Gardening award from Royal Horticultural Society.  Laurel Farm Kindergarten is a Waldorf Early Years setting for children age 3-7 based on 7 acre small holding with animals, fields and growing woodland to explore. This year we have started the gardening project [...]

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Elmfield Exam Results

Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School in Stourbridge congratulates all their pupils on their GCSE results and hard work. Class 10 celebrated an excellent set of results under the new grading system. 87% achieved a 4 (equivalent to a C) or above in English. This included one 9 and two 8s plus eight Distinctions in Spoken English. [...]

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Edinburgh Steiner School Exam Results

SQA Exam Results Edinburgh Steiner School pupils have achieved a record-breaking run of success in this year’s exams. Results for the all-important ‘Highers’ reveal a pass rate of 100% (grades A-C), meaning that every single candidate achieved at least a grade C in every single one of their course results. The national pass rate this [...]

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Wynstones Scholarship

Wynstones has recently completed a review of scholarship and bursary provisions in line with our forthcoming 80th Birthday. We are thrilled to announce today our new Bennell-Nokes Scholarships in honour of our founders - Margaret Bennell and Cora Nokes. The new Scholarship is open to Sixth Form pupils and designed to align scholarship beneficiaries more [...]

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Teachers and parents interested in the principles of Steiner early childhood education and the value of play-based learning are invited to attend the Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Introductory Course at Elmfield Steiner School in Stourbridge. The course provides an opportunity for those interested in Steiner education to take part in practical sessions and talk to [...]

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International Women’s Day

  Happy International Women’s Day  What do actress Carey Mulligan, poet Caroline Bird, model Veronica Webb and Winter Olympian Nicolien Sauerbreij have in common?  They were all Steiner educated. Education plays a vital role in empowering women and girls around the world as well as being instrumental in helping to create a more gender equal society. [...]

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 European Parent Meeting Dear Waldorf Steiner friends! We proudly announce the annual meeting of European Steiner Waldorf parents in Latvia, May 5-8, 2017. Here is the program and registration form. (If you have friends whose e-mail address is not on the recipient list, please, forward this message to them as well.) We in Latvia hope very much you will [...]

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Delegates from the UK and Nordic Steiner Waldorf Schools Associations have concluded the first phase of transnational conferences around the curricular design of a groundbreaking, Europe-wide 14-19 diploma, aimed at developing creative thinking skills. The ‘Acknowledging Creative Thinking Skills (ACTS)’ project brings together teachers and the Steiner Waldorf associations of the UK, Demark, Finland and [...]

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Steiner Students create Mandala in celebration of Harvest

Class 6 students at South Devon Steiner School practised the art of gratitude last week, creating a beautiful mandala in the school gardens from plants, flowers and produce collected from the grounds. The project which was led by Art teacher Sandy Smith, was a lesson for the 11-12 year old students in cooperative working, inspired [...]

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Iona School Outstanding!

 February 18th 2016 IONA STEINER SCHOOL ‘OUTSTANDING’ SAY INSPECTORS Inspectors have praised The Iona School in Nottingham, after it was judged to be ‘outstanding’ in all five categories. The visit by the School Inspection Service (SIS), from February 2-4, found teaching and the curriculum to be outstanding; a strong culture of school self-evaluation and improvement; [...]

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