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About the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship®

The SWSF is a registered charity, with a modest budget derived from the annual membership fee of the member schools and EY settings. Each member school appoints a trustee from amongst its teaching staff. The trustee body meets once a term, with a smaller group of trustees delegated to take responsibility between these termly meetings. Please download our executive tasks document and read about us and the tasks we carry out.

The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship®:-

Runs workshops and conferences for Steiner schools and Early Years Centres.

Co-ordinates Steiner curriculum research and development.

Supports the development of teacher training programmes (full time and in-service).

Provides advisory and mentoring services to Steiner schools and Early Years Centres.

Represents Steiner education to the media, academics, governmental agencies, and educationalists in general.

Works with relevant authorities in connection with state funding for SWSF schools.

Provides consultancy services on a range of educational issues.

Produces a termly newsletter and other information resources.