Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship® Forum

The SWSF forum is an online area for those involved directly in Steiner education within the UK and Ireland.
Information contained within the forum can be posted by administrators, moderators and all registered users, the aim being that a forum of helpful and useful information and discussion can be developed to help all those involved directly with Steiner education.

How to register

In order to become a registered user you must either be directly affiliated with (working within) one of the Steiner Waldorf schools or organisations listed in the registration form below or are directly affiliated with another UK/Ireland-based organisations (in which case please select ‘Other organisation’ from the drop-down menu). All applications for registration will be submitted to the relevant person at your school / organisation, who will take the relevant measures to verify your details. Once you have been verified as a registered user your username and password details will be emailed to you by the SWSF (it is strongly advised that you change your password when you first login).

Registration application form

Please fill out the form below and click on the ‘Submit Registration’ button. Once your school / organisation has received your application your details will be verified (you may need to be contacted). You will then receive an email with your username and password.
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Enter the forum

Once you have received your registered user details (username and password) you may enter the forum by clicking here.